Wanted: Dukes of Hazzard Toys and Memorabilia

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Wanted: Dukes of Hazzard toys & memorabilia including props, cast/crew items, scripts and anything else related to the Dukes of Hazzard. If you have something you want to part with, I’d love to hear about it! Feel free to email me, dave@dukesonline.com or fill out the form below and I’ll get right back to you!Read more

What License Plate Did The General Lee Have?

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If you have watched a handful of episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard, then you undoubtedly have caught a glimpse of the different licenses plates used on the TV Series. Specifically that of the General Lee, a bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger, as it would straighten curves and flatten hills. The iconic CNH 320 hasRead more

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Dukes of Hazzard Artwork Series #2

We are stoked to bring you the second installment of our Dukes of Hazzard Artwork Series. This time we are featuring Glenn Jones. You may know him from his widely popular t-shirt company called Glennz Tees. Glenn has featured Dukes of Hazzard themed art a few times over the past few years as well asRead more

The Day It All Started for Bo, Luke, and Daisy

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Today is a big day for the Dukes of Hazzard. January 26th, marks the day our favorite TV show began its 8 year run starting in 1979. At lot has changed over the years but the show continues to hold steady as a clear reminder of the Good ‘Ol Days when Uncle Jesse had theRead more

Dukes of Hazzard Artwork Series #1

We are excited to begin a new series of posts that will be dedicated to original art created by talented Dukes of Hazzard fans. To kick-off this series, we are featuring an exceptional artist, Scott Martin, who has created this piece of original art, featuring the General Lee. We have seen a lot of DukesRead more

Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures Series 1 Released

For all the Dukes of Hazzard toy and memorabilia collectors out there, we have something new to collect! Figures Toy Company has just released a brand new line of Dukes of Hazzard Action Figures. Series one will include Bo & Luke Duke, Rosco & Boss Hogg. Future series will include Daisy Duke, Uncle Jesse, Cooter,Read more

The New Dukes Online Website Redesign

So today is a big day for the team here at Dukes Online. We are proud to announce the release of our brand new website! Dukes Online has been around for over 18 years now and we could not have done it without the support of our readers who have show such great support overRead more