What License Plate Did The General Lee Have?

If you have watched a handful of episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard, then you undoubtedly have caught a glimpse of the different licenses plates used on the TV Series. Specifically that of the General Lee, a bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger, as it would straighten curves and flatten hills. The iconic CNH 320 has become in my opinion, the most popular license plate in TV history. Lets take a few minutes to explore few variations of the license plate that were used on the original TV Series.

We will explore the 3 main license plate styles that carried across all “hero” vehicles in the series. The three styles include the following:

  1. Red CNH320 – “Georgia Era” – Featuring: Hazzard
  2. Red CNH320 – “California Era” – Featuring: Hazzard County
  3. Green CNH320 – “California Era” – Featuring: Hazzard County

Some of the licenses plates included a registration sticker but I did not cover in this article, but will expound on that topic more in the future.

Georgia “Hazzard” CNH 320 License Plate

During the filming of the first 5 episodes of the Dukes of Hazzard that were filmed in Georgia, the General Lee wore its expected CNH 320 license plate featuring the “76” year marking. The main difference to the later used plate was the lack of the word “County” on the bottom of the license plate.


California “Hazzard County” CNH 320 License Plate
Red – 76

Soon after filming moved to Southern California, the General Lee’s license plate was modified to include “Hazzard County” at the bottom rather than just “Hazzard”. This change to include the longer text was carried throughout the entire run of the series.

General Lee CNH 320 License Plate

During one episode, Rosco tried to replace the license plate on the General Lee with a plate that was used in a robbery in an effort to frame the Dukes Boys! In this episode you can get a nice clean shot of the CNH 320 red plate while Rosco is unscrewing it from the General Lee.

Here are a few shots of the Atlanta plate he placed on the General Lee.

Doesnt Daisy Duke look confused about the license plate?

California “Hazzard County” CNH 320 License Plate
Green – 1983

During the second half of the overall show, Warner Brothers changed the licenses plates of the main vehicles from red letters, to green letters. While doing detailed inspections of screen used license plates, there were noticeable differences to the build of the plates which were most likely done to make them easier to make. Note the top left now had “19” and “83” on the top Right. The lower county area maintained the full “Hazzard County” like its red predecessor.


This photo shows a glimpse of the “Boss 1” license plate featured on Boss Hogg’s Cadillac. I’ll get a post created to outline the plates used for Boss Hogg.


Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback or further info you think should be added or corrected, please feel free to contact me. Yeehaww.

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