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A Historical Day For The General Lee


 November 11 is a historic day for the Dukes of Hazzard. It is the day that the General Lee “Lee 1” made it’s first jump.

“On Saturday, November 11, 1978, the production set itself up on the campus of nearby Oxford College (Georgia), built a dirt ramp along one of the roads, and had a stuntman jump the very first General Lee over a 1974 Monaco cop car — 16 feet up and 82 feet out.”

That was the start of the greatest TV show and the greatest TV car to ever be filmed. To learn more about “Lee 1”, check out these articles:

General Lee

The Resurrection of General Lee


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Livin Out Your Duke Dreams in a Modern Dodge Charger

Like Daisy Duke and her namesake Daisy Dukes, the General Lee just keeps getting better with age. In fact, when it comes to style and performance, Dodge Chargers in “general” simply stand the test of time. With the exciting new stylings proposed by the Dodge boys for the 2010 concept, it looks like the Dodge Charger is only gonna get hotter. Perhaps it’s time we look into giving the General a modern makeover.

With the aftermarket already cranking out performance accessories, building your own modern-day moonshine runner is as easy as sending Cletus and his Plymouth Fury Police Cruiser plunging into Hazzard Creek. Even if you’re one of the lucky few who still have an original 1969 Dodge Charger, never fear, the performance aftermarket is ripe with Dodge parts for that, too.

Besides Hemi-Orange paint, a Confederate battle flag on the roof and an ever-present aught-one plastered on the side, the real General doesn’t differ much from your run-of-the-mill Dodge Charger. After all, the show producers bought over 250 1968 and 1969 Chargers over the years to convert into Generals. In fact, they actually flew small aircraft over southern California to locate future Generals, and to bolster their stockpile of Dodge Charger parts.

So, what’s it take to make your Dodge Charger run like the General Lee? The first thing you need is a performance Dodge Charger intake. Like we said before, the aftermarket is chock full of parts for the Charger. Always look to the big brands like K&N and AFE; you’ll get a top-shelf product that’s backed by a lifetime warranty. Plus, these big brands are easy to find in any speed shop on or off the net.

Once you got the air coming in, you gotta get it out. That’s when it’s time to invest in a Dodge Charger exhaust system. Like cold air intakes, Charger exhaust system brands and configurations are boundless. Choices include single or dual exits, aluminized steel or full-fledge stainless steel systems all crafted by names like Magnaflow, Flowmaster and Borla to name a few. And, if your state laws allow it, (not that the Duke Boys would give a rip about local smog ordinance) you should install a high-performance catalytic converter while you’re under there changing out the pipes.

Beyond the common bolt-on performance parts, you can keep your faux General running right with new spark plugs, fuel injectors and serpentine belts designed just for your Dodge Charger. Thanks to the healthy Dodge Charger aftermarket, there’s also no problem finding replacement headlights, tail lights, alternators and fuel filters.

Though recreating your own Daisy Duke may take a little more “weird science” than you’re willing to get into, it’s actually pretty easy to live out your Duke dreams in your very own rendition of the famous General Lee Dodge Charger. You’ll be out fightin’ the system like a modern day Robin Hood in no time! Charger cold air intake

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2010 Dodge Charger Design Concept

 There has been talk of an updated look for the 2010 Dodge Charger. Designer Michael Leonhard has come up with these renderings of what this upcoming Dodge Charger could possibly look like. I could totally see one of these Chargers all dressed up …Read more

Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the Extreme Lee

Updated info from past Xtreme Lee post found here.

TLC Rides took a full episode to feature the building of the Extreme Lee for Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Redline Gauge Works and Picture Car Warehouse worked together to build this modern version of the classic 1969 Dodge Charger used on the Dukes of Hazzard. Dave’s General Lee Replica was used for all of the “General Lee” shots throughout the episode.



TLC Videos: Rides: Extreme Lee

Redline Gauge Works Extreme Lee Promo

Click on the videos below to watch the full show or click here to view the You Tube Playlist for these episodes.


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Dukes of Hazzard Dixie Horn For Your General Lee

Are you looking to add a 12 note dixie horn to your General Lee or other vehicle but your not sure which horn is the best one to use? Well you have come to the right place. Wolo makes a 12 note 5 trumpet Dixie Horn which has been the horn of choice for…Read more

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Small General Lee Push Bar On Lee 1

Travis Bell from the North American General Lee Fan Club has done an excellent job taking Lee 1 back to it’s original state. Here is a quick except from his DVD that shows the work done to make sure that the push bar used on the car was a correct small…Read more