Hazzard County 5 Car Playset With Road MapĀ 

Dukes of Hazzard 5 car playset with Hazzard County road map. You may find different variations of what was included in this set. As seen in the picture, sometimes a white corvette was included but other sets either included a Cooter Tow Truck or a Daisy Jeep.Read more

Police Chase Car for the 3 3-4 Figures

Mego made a few great cars to compliment the 3 3/4 size figures that they also made. This was the Rosco Police Chase Car. The funny thing is that it did not look at all like Rosco’s car. You will find some rare prototype cars floating around eBay that did look like Rosco’s car butRead more

The Dixie Chargers

There were many companies that did not want to get involved with selling official Dukes of Hazzard merchandise for one reason or another but here is a company called MidgeToy which sold a “Dixie Chargers” set which had three vehicles that looked suspiciously close to the General Lee, Daisy’s Jeep, and a Rosco Cop Car.Read more

General Lee Model 1-16 Scale

MPC made all of the Dukes of Hazzard models that were available during the 80’s but this was the coolest of them all. It was the BIG 1/16 scale General Lee. It is a nicely detailed model.Read more

McDonalds Plastic Cast Cups

McDonalds offered a full set of cast cups back in the 80’s. You will notice that the Luke cup is missing from this picture. Luke was made, but it is the hardest to find of the group.Read more